Many have asked, so let me tell you:

I am was a professor

I am a Supply Chain Consultant, CEO of Supply Chain Innovations Today
BA, Political Science
MPA (Master’s of Public Administration)
MS Logistics Management
PhD Business Administration (Business Logistics, supporting field Industrial Engineering)

I have a strong professional interest in Collaborative Supply Chain Management, RFID in the Supply Chain (EPC), and Research Methods.

I have a strong personal interest in political issues, and military affairs.

And yes, I am retired from the US Air Force. Served 20 years.

You can contact me!

By VoiceMail: 1-206-203-3774

By Mail: Prof @ theprofessornotes.com

NOTE:  I do occasionally write about products that I either have used and enjoy, or that I think answer some needs that people have mentioned to me, either in the comments section or in emails/conversations.  When I find those products, I will provide links to them that will take you to the Amazon storefront.  I do receive a commission on any sales of those products (and honestly, if you click through there, and buy anything, I will receive a commission–so feel free to use me as your gateway to Amazon.)  I mention this so that you know it is happening.  Rest assured, I only link to things that either I like, or would like to try myself.  And–as I understand it, the price doesn’t change for you.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’d never read your about page until today. I had no idea you were a veteran. Thank you for serving. I’m sure you didn’t hear it enough so let me thank you now for all those who may not have had the opportunity to do so.

  2. I worked at the Magic Pan in Paramus, NJ and was trained in Manhattan. What great place to start my young life. There was a training team of Jim & Telly that were great mentors.

    This should make a comeback!!!!!!!

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