Many have asked, so let me tell you:

I am was a professor

I am a Supply Chain Consultant, CEO of Supply Chain Innovations Today
BA, Political Science
MPA (Master’s of Public Administration)
MS Logistics Management
PhD Business Administration (Business Logistics, supporting field Industrial Engineering)

I have a strong professional interest in Collaborative Supply Chain Management, RFID in the Supply Chain (EPC), and Research Methods.

I have a strong personal interest in political issues, and military affairs.

And yes, I am retired from the US Air Force. Served 20 years.

You can contact me!

By VoiceMail: 1-206-203-3774

By Mail: Prof @ theprofessornotes.com

NOTE:  I do occasionally write about products that I either have used and enjoy, or that I think answer some needs that people have mentioned to me, either in the comments section or in emails/conversations.  When I find those products, I will provide links to them that will take you to the Amazon storefront.  I do receive a commission on any sales of those products (and honestly, if you click through there, and buy anything, I will receive a commission–so feel free to use me as your gateway to Amazon.)  I mention this so that you know it is happening.  Rest assured, I only link to things that either I like, or would like to try myself.  And–as I understand it, the price doesn’t change for you.