Only (right wing) Lunatics Don’t Trust Digital Voting. RIiiiggghhhht

BLUF: While what I write may seem “tinfoil” there is an HBO documentary about this very topic. I was asked today about my thoughts on “voting irregularities” and if I thought that there was wide-spread voter fraud sufficient to swing the election. Learn more about the documentary here.

GREAT question. Here’s the not so great answer. I believe there was fraud. There ALWAYS is in some measure. Was it as widescale as some have alleged? Maybe. BUT we will never know. Done well, there will be little if any trail. When you cover your tracks, allegations are “baseless” because there are…. wait for it… no tracks.

Now, I have been arguing against “digital voting” since after the 2000 election. I have always felt there are way too many ways that digital voting can be manipulated unless… UNLESS… we have a paper trail to go along with it. That’s why I like the “bubble voting” system that reads your paper ballots. Store the paper ballot to later to a hand count.

Here’s the real challenge: EITHER SIDE could have manipulated the software to “adjust” the counts. So, for instance, every third vote for candidate Y shifts to candidate X.

Here’s my favorite thought on how to do it: Have your “operatives” go into the voting machine “areas” across the country in “key” districts where you can swing the vote, and it won’t look obvious. They then insert a “thumbdrive” into the system that installs a virus/program that will run on election night, in real time, adjusting the votes. Then, when the polls close, the virus deletes itself from the machine, leaving no trace. “BASELESS.

“So my personal “bottom line” is this: we have no evidence, and therefore any charges are “baseless.” But that certainly doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. And won’t happen again.


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