Despite comments to the contrary, the writings of bloggers, and even the creation of content through tweets, is still “content” and “intellectual property” and is to be protected as such. Therefore, I am compelled to herein establish and assert my copyright over all I produce here, and in my Twitter Stream.

The content written here, original to me, is hereby protected under copyright and cannot be reproduced in whole or in part without the express permission of the author (Me!), with the following exceptions:

1. If you choose to quote selections from my post, not to exceed 50% or 3 paragraphs, whichever is less.
2. For Tweets, I hereby grant permission to “re-tweet” my tweet postings, so long as the content remains internal to the Twitter network. Any use by traditional media firms (newpapers, television, radio), even in digital form, without the express permission of the creator (me again) is forbidden.

Nothing in the statement is to diminish the protections afforded under existing copyright law but rather to provide specific guidance.

I reserve the right to modify this at any time.


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