iPad–TheProfessor is now accepting Donations!

For those that have followed the discussions on our “Real Tech for Real People” podcast at http://getthenext.com, you will know that I am not convinced enough about the value of the iPad to drop the $499.95 to get one.

That said, I am willing to go that route, with support from our listeners and my readers.

If you want to support me in getting an iPad, just click here, and make a donation to “Help Steve get an iPad”

Heck if you just like what you read, are pleased that I am here sharing my thoughts, or you enjoyed the video that posted from the swim team (or the other videos here and at http://thefathersonchats.com) then please, feel free to donate.

2 dollars, 4 dollars. 10 dollars.  Anything is gratefully accepted.



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