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Okay, so here are two interesting tech items, and an interesting tech story thrown in for fun.
First, the “Star Trek Communicator” that we all have known and loved is making it’s “debut.” I suppose this is a niche’ market, and only (or perhaps, mostly) those daring a brave souls who seek out new life at Trek Conventions will purchase them.
Second–and far more important in my mind is my recommendation for a piece of software I have come to love. Have you seen those panoramic photos, stitched together from several separate photos, and wished you had the skill, the patience, and the photoshop to do that? Or tried the pan-stitch software that came with your new camera, only to be disappointed with the quality, or the linearity, or other limitations? Search no more! Start creating your own Panaoramic photographs using Autostitch. This software is apparently the product of an academic effort, designed to find better ways of automating the stitching process. I have used it quite often, and as many would guess, most often for photographs up at the lake.
What to do with these photographs? Certainly, if you have the right Epson or HP wide-format printers you can print them at home, but I recommend checking out your local Copier Store such as Kinko’s, or check out the many online companies such as Shutterfly, Adoramapix, or even WalMart. Or for those of you that haven’t yet discovered the joys of Picasa by Google, download it, and see not only how easy it is to order your panoramic print online from any number of places, but see how simple and easy they have made editing any photograph.
Finally, the funny story: Many of us have iPods, and not everyone can keep up with ther perverbial Jones’ but that apparently doesn’t deter apple from pushing for iPod Envy. As this story at the “Crazy Apple Rumors Site” tells it, Apple at first thought about paying college students to look down their noses at fellow students with obsolete (read, “soooo last generation”) iPods. My favorite lines?

“That is categorically false,” a visibly angry Schiller said. “We never paid anyone to do that.

“We were going to, but then we realized we didn’t have to. They were already doing it for free.”

So there ya have it, my tips, pointers, and story for the day.


4 thoughts on “Cool, and/or Fun Tech

  1. Ug. Blogging at 0556 am? (Posted, none the less, at that time.) tsk, tsk.

    Don’t prof’s need their sleep, like us mere mortals?

  2. no, the drain their needed energy from their students. 😀

    as to the article, sorta a side rumor: did you hear they are planning for star trek XI? … but they killed Data! lol… sorry, i need more engery. for some reason it keeps getting sucked from me at school. lol….. (yes, i do keep myself entertained. lol..)

  3. I absolutely love it! Autostitch puts the pictures together within seconds…Give me a day and I will post my autostich pic of my back yard on my blog (this is a plug for my blog opinionloafer – sorry about the plug). How do you find the awesome FREE software.

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