Review: Mophie for iPhone 3G (and 3Gs)

I am rather late to the party for getting the Mophie for my iPhone, but I am here to tell ya, it has been a God send!  The Mophie Juice Pack Air Case and Rechargeable Battery for iPhone 3G, 3G S (Black) more than doubles the amount of power (battery life) your iPhone has available to it, while simultaneously providing a nice protective casing for it.  I bought the Mophie while searching for a solution to allow me to stream relatively large amounts of data while not being able to directly tie my phone in to a power source (outlet or computer).  The salesperson at Best Buy recommended the Mophie, and I haven’t gone a day without it since!

I have found that, on days when I am checking emails with greater frequency, listening to music and podcasts, and tweeting, my battery lasts about 6 hours.  The Mophie has come in quite handy.  If you want to actually USE your phone, then this is a must-have device.

The Mophie makes most buttons and connectors on the iPhone readily accessible. I can insert headsets, and press the power buttonsand the volume rocker quite easily.  On the other hand the “ringer/vibrate” switch is a little more difficult to operate (at least for me, since I don’t have fingernails to speak of…)  The other drawback is the connector (see below for more information on that).

They designers gave some serious thought to the use as both a phone and music player designing audio channels that direct your voice to the microphone and also channel the music out through the device with no limitations on volume or sound quality.

That said, the Mophie does have its drawbacks, specifically the connector.  The Mophie does not use the standard iPhone/iPod docking connector but rather uses a micro-USB connector (the same one used in the Amazon Kindle DX and Kindle 2).  The Mophie comes with a USB cable, so that you can easily plug the Mophie (and iPhone) into your computer, and your computer will recognize the iPhone and connect through to your iTunes application and any other applications you use with your iPhone.  The only real difficulty comes when you want to use other devices with your iPhone specifically designed with the Dock connector.  My simple solution–take the phone out of the Mophie.  That is what I do any time I want to listen to podcasts through my car soundsystem.  [1.  Ah, if only I had a bluetooth soundsystem built into my car to let me send my audio to my soundsystem.  Maybe next time.]


  • Doubles the battery life of the iPhone
  • Protects the iPhone from accidental drops and tumbles
  • 4 LEDs on the back indicate charge levels (with test button)
  • No real significant weight/balance change
  • Available in several colors


  • The connector is not the “standard” pass through for the iPhone Dock
  • If you wish to use your iPhone with a “standard” device you must remove the phone from the Mophie
  • Does increase the weight a bit
  • Doubles the thickness of the phone

I have enjoyed the Mophie and the additional protection and power that it provides.  I only have to switch to battery from the Mophie occasionally, but when it was nice to know that I had that extra reserve ready to go when I needed it.

One final note:  my sister-in-law saw mine, liked it, and bought one for herself in red.  I asked her what she thinks and she too loves the extended battery life that she is experiencing.


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