iPad Case: Belkin Grip Swell review

I purchased the Belkin Grip Swell case for the iPad.  It’s is a neoprene silicone case that surrounds the iPad but leaves the screen available for touch.  It has openings for all the controls and connectors, including the Dock connector and has a good “feel” in my hands.  It is a nice case.  It wraps around the iPad similar to many of the silicon or neoprene cases that are available for the iPhone.  It is fairly easy to put the iPad into it, but it is not as simple as “sliding it in” to a case.

It is priced at $50, which is a bit pricey to start, and became an unacceptable price for me when I started using the case at home.

The one thing–the ONE thing it doesn’t do is actually make the connection to the dock connector when placed in the “easel style dock” sold by Apple.  The silicon is thin enough that the iPad will settle comfortably and securely onto the dock but will not actually settle in far enough to make a connection.

That for me is a deal breaker.  It’s going BACK to Best Buy!

That said, if you didn’t get the Apple Dock and/or if you don’t mind $50 as a price, then by all means get it.  But remember, the Apple portfolio case is $10 cheaper.


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