Windows XP and Daylight Savings Time Problem

Perhaps I am losing my mind, or perhaps time is just running a bit slower than I thought… but…

Yesterday I went to use the computer in the lecture hall, and noticed that the computer’s clock was running one hour “behind”–“odd,” I thought, “I wonder why this computer didn’t automatically update?” Then I saw my desktop at work had the wrong date as well. “Odd,” I thought. “Did the University fail to push the updates?”

Well, today, I realized that my personal computers–those that had most, if not all, of the updates, were no longer reading the correct “Savings Time” time. While I could really use the additional time, it has me wondering if Microsoft’s patch was just a bit “buggy.”

Did the computers somehow reset themselves the following Sunday back to Standard Time? (Full disclosure–I may have missed a patch somewhere, or not paid attention myself)


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