Real Tech for Real People, Episode 55 “The Double Nickel”

In the effort to continue to “catch up” here at The Professor Notes I am posting episode 55 from Real Tech for Real People.  If you enjoy listening, go check out the most RECENT episodes over at Real Tech for Real People.  Over there you will learn in Episode 57 how YOU can win two tickets to the Penn State football game against Michigan.

Also, listen regularly to learn how you can win prizes that you can use daily!

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Bloomberg predicts Apple’s moves in TV.  Bloomberg expects Apple’s next conquest will be  the TV industry, comparing its early moves to its first steps in the mobile phone market. The article analyzes the technology of Apple TV, noting potential methods through which Apple may approach the TV business.


Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac – Assuming I can make the podcast, I have 2011 (enterprise have it now, the broader public will have to wait to 10/26) and can make some preliminary comments.

In Brief: Apple TV part cost pegged at $64 Thin-ish margin for Apple on the TV.


Microsoft to debut WP7 smartphones on AT&T;

Microsoft’s Ballmer receives $1.35m pay package, but bonus curbed.  Microsoft will unveil its new line of      smartphones sporting the Windows 7 OS on Oct. 11. The devices are scheduled to launch about a month later on AT&T. IDG reports that Microsoft is the only non-exclusive smartphone OS developer charging hardware makers a licensing fee, noting that vendors receive greater intellectual-property protection through the arrangement. One analyst claims the company offers “a better managed and coordinated ecosystem that might improve the chances of success for the entire platform.” Separately, outlets note that although the compensation package paid to Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer rose 6 percent to $1.35 million in 2010, he was denied the maximum  bonus for the last financial year due to stumbles with mobile products and a failure to respond quickly to Apple’s iPad. Wall Street Journal; 24/7


iTunes Tip:

iTunes: In iTunes 10 you can double-click on the “Now Playing” window (bottom left, if you have it showing) and it will pop out to show you a small window with the album art. Now if this is a movie, it will play, etc. But in iTunes 10 the album art for music ALSO has controls. So I now have a small square window in the top right corner letting me konw what is playing and allowing me to control the music and I have minimized my iTunes window. Sure I could use iTunes long-enabled mini window for this purpose but this is prettier.

General Tech Tip:

* Wikipedia lets you create “books” of information. If you find a wiki page, or pages, that you would like in a different format, you can now save the page, or pages, as a “book.” On the left hand side of the screen you will see “print/export” as an option. If you click on that, you can see how to create the book. Also more information on my blog at or just play around in Wikipedia.


Blog post from Chris on using the iPad:  HERE


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