Presentation Tools besides Powerpoints–A few alternatives

PowerPoint.  Yup.  We love to hate it.  Probably because we have to use it.  Sure, there’s Keynote, but that is limited to the MacOS and the iOS folks.  So what about those that want to work in a  more “open” or “cloud based” world?

Let me highlight a few tools that have been developed to (supposedly) make presentation development easier (or catchier, or “better” … ).  The first is “SlideRocket.’  SlideRocket is a presentation tool that lets you develop and share your presentations through a web based platform. I have given it a few run-throughs in the limited/free online version, as well as stepped through the tutorial, and I find that it generally helps develop solid, even “attractive” presentations.

The second tool is “Impress” that goes with the OpenOffice Suite.  While this tool is not “cloud based” it is provided as part of the open sourced suite and has a comprehensive feature set, including being able to import and export PowerPoint presentations.

The third and final tool is Google Docs Presentation.  This is a relatively light-weight presentation development package, but it has enough features to get your point across, and do it through the cloud using a  web-based interface.  Perhaps the best feature of this (and really any Google Docs tool) is the opportunity to collaborate on the development of the document. Being able to watch and interact with the document and my collaborators in near-real-time is quite an effective, and efficient, way of moving any idea forward.

These are just a few of the possible alternatives. I would love to hear what YOU think are possible PowerPoint stand-ins. Comment here, or tweet me. I am @SCMProfessor



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