What “drives” you?

I had a discussion recently that centered around academia, and incentives.  The point I was attempting to make centered around the notion that we get as a result not what we “want” but what we “reward.”  It’s a generally accepted concept that people behave based on their perception of the incentives.  Some are positive incentives (annual bonus, the Christmas ham) and some are negative (loss of job, prison, rejection.)  These are, of course, the extrinsic motivators.

There are intrinsic motivators–those things you do because you are just internally motivated to do them.  Perhaps you enjoy a task (graphic design, podcasting), or you feel a “calling” to be doing something (the preacher on the sidewalk, the environmentalist chained to a tree.)

I am wondering–what motivates you? And specifically, what motivates you at work?

Do you live to work, or do you work to live?