Real Tech for Real People has gone Video!

I haven’t done a sufficient job of sharing it from here, but our Real Tech for Real People podcast has gone video!  We use the Google+ Hangout “On Air” feature to not only share our show live, but also to record it and make it available on YouTube.  We have been broadcasting since episode 115, and you can find over in my channel on YouTube.

I don’t usually mention these things, but there are two ways you can support Real Tech for Real People, and this website.  The first is through a simple donation using the link to the right.  The second is by simply using our Amazon affiliate program when making your regular Amazon purchases.  Talk about an easy, and painless, way to help out! Just by using our links when you go make your regular purchases at Amazon you support this website and Real Tech for Real People.

And now, let’s catch up with  Real Tech for Real People Episode 130!


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