Upgrade Time… and questions. I need advice!

So wise friends:  Time to replace my Motorola Xoom (with LTE) tablet. The battery is now finally wearing out.  I got it so that I can tether when traveling and it has served me well.  I have decided on the Galaxy Note 10.1 (I like the SPen).

So here’s my decision:

1.  Get the tablet, with LTE, for $600 (and 16 GB of ram) or…
2.  Get the WIFI only tablet for $499 and 32 GB of ram, and get a mobile hotspot (the “Jetpack”) for $50.

Now–I like option 2. It’s cheaper, and perhaps more flexible.  But.. I almost always travel with my tablet, and it means there is one more thing to keep charged, AND that I can either forget at home, or forget on the road.



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