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I have a few technology items to write about over the next few weeks. These include the Sony Portable Reader, (and I may mention it’s competitor, Amazon’s the Kindle), the Zoom H2 digital recorder, and Grand Central. Today, it’s Grand Central.

First off, it’s a free service offered by Google!

Grand Central simply makes your telephonic life simpler. They will provide you with a phone number, and then allow you to enter all your various phone numbers into their system. Home… Cellphone… work… vacation home… neighbors…Why do this? Well, when someone calls that “one number” Grand Central will then ring all the phone that you have entered and selected. (yes, you can turn them on and off.) When your phone rings, you answer it, and a polite recorded voice tells you that you have a call, and all you have to do is press 1 to accept the call. You could choose to not accept the call at that time, and it will go to the Grand Central voice mail system. In addition, you can listen while the voice mail is being recorded, and decide whether you need to pick up the call.

And of course, you can also press 4 during the call, and record both sides of the conversation–just be sure to check the laws in your state!

How do I see using this? It is certainly a great way to let students contact me, without giving them 4 or 5 different numbers to call.

Additionally, it is a boon when working as a consultant, or traveling. Just give your clients and colleagues one number, and they can reach you at any time–and you can get to your voice mail from any computer with internet connection.

I have only scratched the surface of Grand Central–visit the website and see what else this service can do for you!

Oh–did I mention it was free?Let me know what you think, and how you envision using it–or already are!


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