Yahoo! News – ‘Survivor’ Winner Arraigned on Tax Evasion

Yahoo! News – ‘Survivor’ Winner Arraigned on Tax Evasion

Okay, read this story over. But in case they take it off–let me excerpt:

“he failed to declare the $1 million he earned for beating out all other contestants on the hit reality TV show in 2000. ”

“Hatch, a corporate trainer and consultant, is also charged with failing to declare the $10,000 prize he earned for appearing on the series’ final episode and more than $300,000 he earned the following year from radio appearances. ”

Now here is my question: What made him think they wouldn’t notice? If I remember correctly, he won the money on NATIONAL TV, and most likely had international coverage. Did he think that IRS employees don’t watch TV at home? Did he think that someone winning over a million bucks wouldn’t be flagged?

I cannot wait to hear what he has to say in his defense, however, that may not happen since he has agreed in a non-binding agreement to plead guilty.

Too bad–it would be more interesting than many of the murder trials we have seen lately.


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