Who the . . .

 . . . heck is this guy; and why is he posting to The Professor’s Notes?  Please allow me to introduce myself.  I’m a colleague/associate/friend of the “owner” of the blog.  Steve and I go back to our shared military service for the Air Force.  We were both professors teaching (Logistics and Supply Chain) at the Air Force Institute of Technology in the 1990s.  We have not always seen “eye to eye” on various issues over the years; but our mutual colleagues have suggested that the entertainment value of our discussions were worth the price of admission! [ref Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes?]

After a couple of posts to a variety of blogs on some issues of mutual interest, Steve invited me to step up as a “Guest Contributor” (all of the hassle, none of the pay?) on topics of my choosing.  Since I am new to this whole “blog thing,” I would ask you all to “be gentle” with me . . . Yeah, Right!

Let the games begin!

Scorch aka “The Other Steve”


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