Use of the Word ‘Refugee’ Stirs Debate – Yahoo! News

Use of the Word ‘Refugee’ Stirs Debate – Yahoo! News

I commend this story to all. It is quite interesting to read that we cannot call US Citizens “refugees” because, as the article states, it “somehow implies that the displaced storm victims, many of whom are black, are second-class citizens — or not even Americans.”

Why do i find this interesting? Mostly, because it is the so-called compassionate left that are incensed. Okay, I find it more than interesting. I chuckle at the hypocrisy of the left. The left is the first to clamor about the “refugee crisis” and the need to help the refugees, but don’t want us to call our fellow citizens refugees. In fact, jackson (the reverend, not the erstwhile king of pop) calls it “racist to call American citizens refugees.”

It seems to me that, at a time when the left accuses President Bush of having an elitist, almost imperialist, view of the rest of the world, the left apparently admits that they view the rest of the world as second class citizens, and perhaps even judges them as a racist would.

Yup. The left is elitist. Wait–that’s not a shock to most of us on the right, that have known for years the left’s main goal is to maintain the dependence of the lower classes on their handouts.



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