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I am always interested in the setups people use when recording their podcasts.  Of course, there are several different approaches and each will require twists or changes to the setups.  For instance, if I am doing a face-to-face, or solo podcast, I will obviously not be using Skype.  That said, I asked on Twitter for people to share their set ups.  So far, this is what I have learned.

Aaron Aiken replied:

@aaronaiken: sweet. Macbook 13″ (4gig mem) with GarageBand ’08 and the Blue Snowball (USB) microphone

He then sent the link for a photo of his setup.

Next, a friend of Aaron’s from Scotland I believe sent his:

@stewartcutler:  MacBook, Audacity. That’s it. Sometimes use sony minidisc recorder with sony ECM-MS907 mic and use audacity to edit.

Alas, I don’t have a photo of his setup.

Then my brother, the keeper of Targuman.org shared his set up:

@Targuman:  M-Audio MobilePre USB with 2xM-Audio mics into MacPro or MacBook Pro; usually recorded in GarageBand or Skype w/Call Recorder

Hopefully he too will send a photo of his set up.

Here is his setup:

Finally, my set up:

@SCMProfessor:  my podcast setup: Vista, running Adobe Audition. AudioTechnica AT2020 Mic. Alesis Firewire8 mixer. Skype. and Prayers

and my photo:

Anyone else want to share their set up with me?  Would love to hear/read/see it!

One thought on “Podcasting Set ups

  • Thanks for sharing the different setups. Hopefully, I’ll produce my first podcast this year. That’s my goal anyway.


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