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US Airman shot–in LA!

After reading the story about a sheriff shooting a USAF airman I can’t help but wonder if the anti-military, anti-government rhetoric of the radical, radio left, has had a deleterious effect on how the US Military is received-at home. Perhaps the Randi Rhodes Show, Morning Sedition, and the rest of that ilk, have succeeded not at getting us out of Iraq, but at getting the US citizens to start shooting at our military, when they are at home, and on leave.

Oh, yes, I understand that there was a 100 mph chase. But the airman was a passenger in the car–not the driver. And I believe there is no excuse for shooting anyone, especially not a military member, when they are following the directions they are given.

Randi Rhodes, and the rest of the radical radio left should be ashamed of themselves.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, these are my opinions. But of course, they are as valid as asserting that George Bush is guilty of negligent homicide by not stopping the hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico. Right?

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