Dell’s Adamo – Mac Air without the Apple?

Paul Thurrott has written a rather scathing critique of the new Dell Adamo computer.  It is sexy, sleek, lightweight, and (relatively) expensive.  Just the sort of thing one would say is a GREAT way to finally compete with the Apple Air.  And yet, Paul Thurrott writes that it “disgusts him.”  In his expert opinion the economy warrants something more cheaply built.  No, seriously. Here’s what he wrote:

[sarcasm] This is exactly what’s needed in the current economic climate. [/sarcasm]

The commenters on that post have taken him to task for that comment, pointing out that businesses can, and perhaps should, continue to make all levels of products.  One could even argue that making and selling these sorts of things, and creating markets for these products, is exactly what is needed during these economic times to pull us out of the downturn.

Thurrott does point out that the new computer appears to be taking aim at Apple’s Mac Air.  Interesting.  But in reading the comments I was surprised no one even hinted at this question–like so many of the new “netbooks” on this market…

Will this computer run Apple’s OSX?


3 thoughts on “Dell’s Adamo – Mac Air without the Apple?

  1. The Air has always been too expensive and a niche machine. It sold quite a few at the outset, but I wonder how many they are moving now? I expect it will be EOL in the near future.

  2. First of all, as some of his respondants pointed out, Lexus is a Toyota, in fact I remember living overseas and seeing things like the Honda SX, not Acura NSX, but I digress…

    What’s wrong with a Hummer? I see this as part of the same close minded PC culture judgments that have beaten us into believing its as bad a word as “cowboy”. Hummers aren’t mistakes. If you want one, can afford it, then buy one. Just like this Dell or an Apple Air if that’s what works for you.

  3. I remember when the MacBook Air was first released. My first question was why would anyone want to buy something that has virtually no ability to connect with other products and media available today (without having to purchase external USB hubs and other external parts). I ask a similar question of the Dell Adamo (or should it be a dumbo?). This comment is coming from a guy that wants everything he owns to connect with and work with everything. Will someone please explain to me again why my iPod won’t work with Media Player?

    Despite my personal shortcomings with the Air and the Adamo, there does seem to be a market for these products. As a business person, if there is a market for the product, and it generates a profit — manufacture and/or sell the product.

    This view is simple and short sighted, but this product might open new doors or begin a perception change for Dell. Both might lead to creativity, innovation and profit.

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