Fires Reported at 4 More Ala. Churches – Yahoo! News

Fires Reported at 4 More Ala. Churches – Yahoo! News

This story obviously has sinister overtones. What evil, anti-Christian conspiracy lurks in Alabama? It must be some concerted effort to drive out the Christians from the Bible-belt, and is symptomatic of a deeper running repudiation of the evils of Christianity.

Yeahhhhhh, Right. Or, perhaps, it is one sick puppy.

My bet is on option two.

The Prof.

PS: I found it somewhat interesting that at the end of the article they mention “The nine churches that burned included both predominantly black and predominantly white congregations.” if it was only predominantely black churches, that would of course have been the headline. Remember this story, the next time you read about how many “black churches” are being burned, and how it is symptomatic of the racism that still burns hot in the south, and recall that, when you look at the numbers (in this case, and actually in the FBI reports) the numbers of “white” and “black” churches burned usually run about equal… (DISCLAIMER: I haven’t done the analysis to evaluate what that works out to on a “per capita” basis… feel free to do that work, and report back!)


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