» OS X users celebrate first wild worm | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com

» OS X users celebrate first wild worm | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com

Okay, so this is a bit warped. Interestingly, I had just listed to an episode of TWIT (“This week in tech” by Leo Laporte) where someone in the gang of about 5 commented that the security in OS-X was quite weak, but that thankfully no one ever wants to attack it. Perhaps the worm-writer was a member of the TWIT Army feeling sorry for Mac users? While that seems far-fetched, the author perhaps understood that, as this article points out, they would be “gleeful” when it was “born free.”

Perverse pleasures may be pleasurable, but they remain… perverse…


5 thoughts on “» OS X users celebrate first wild worm | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com

  1. I happen to be a mac lover (and user and after finally getting an iMac G5 following many debates, I can see why mac has a following unlike many brands. I had an iBook and the dreaded blue screen and ridiculous crashes one must endure with a PC are simply non-existant on a mac. Plus, they look great and I’m a gadget freak.

    This is just my opinion of course, but I think Windows and Bill Gates in general have generated such disdain that there are literally thousands of people that sit at their computers twitching with the need to hurt them. Even if it’s in a small, seemingly inconsequential way. Mainly because they don’t make a great product anymore. They had a great idea once but anyone who bought Windows ME (raising my hand)knows that Microsoft is willing to recycle crap and put a $200 sticker on it and call it new. They put product out they know may be hazardous to the health of your puter and don’t think twice about doing it.

    I just don’t see the stability or the imagination coming out of Microsoft products that I see on macs. You spend money on a mac, you feel like you are getting all the bells and whistles – mainly, a product that fully integrates with other fantastic apple-made products. Can’t beat that. So, I can see why there aren’t a lot of irate mac users sitting around thinking of ways to hurt Apple. Just my thoughts on that.

  2. I have used both, and am sticking with the Windows platform now, more out of familiarity than anything else. I remember when I first used the Mac, and I thought “THIS they call intuitive?” After a while, I remembered much of my reading about intuition, and that intuition is just thoughts and behaviors so internalized that they become “second nature.”

    When one intuitively knows an answer it is because they have seen, or thought about, similar problems quite often (or are smart enough that they few examplars they did see they learned from quickly). It is the same, in my opinion, with the “intuitive” nature of Apple versus MS-Apple, er Windows.

    I grew up in DOS, so I expect a file structure. Once I got past that, I enjoyed the MAC OS system.

    I think MS is a bit scared–that’s why they have had to lift OS-X and call it “vista!” *smile*

  3. Agreed. But come on Professor, when was the last time you watched a movie and saw anything but an Apple (either an iBook or a iMac) on the actor’s desk? The darn things are just sexy and they look hot. PCs are passe and the Windows platform is about as exciting as getting to dancing with your sister.

  4. Oh, I am a huge fan of Steve Jobs and the Apple Industrial Design. in fact, it seems all my favorite books about corporations have one thing in common–Steve Jobs. Even books that I would NEVER have thought would have him in them, like one of my favorites “Code Name Ginger” by Steve Kemper. Check it out!

    Oh, and the latest acquisition at the Barnes and Noble near me? The Apple Way–12 management lessons from the world’s most innovative company” by Jeffrey cruikshank.

    Perhaps I should start blogging on these books!

  5. That wouldn’t be a bad idea. Frankly, I inherited an ungodly amount of books from a friend last week and proceeded to buy three more yesterday. I won’t be buying books any time soon.

    If the Apple management books are worth it, let me know or email me the list of books you find. I’ll add it to my amazon wish list and cross my finger someone remembers me on my birthday! lol

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