Ep 10: “Real Tech for Real People” podcast update and picks!

In episode 10 of “Real Tech for Real People” Tony Pittman and I talk about iPhone security problems (currently only a problem for jailbroken iPhones) as well as the move to “DVD/CD-less computers” and we ask the question “Do you use the DVD or CD player on your computer?”

That is really an interesting question.  Whether the desktop or a notebook/netbook computer, we were curious just how often those drives are used.  I use mine fairly regularly, but it is generally to create DVDs of the slideshows that I make for the HS Swim and Water Polo teams.  Other than that, the occasional file backup, and I too join the ranks of those who aren’t using them very often.

We also talked a bout about Windows 7 highlighting the 77 Windows 7 tips, and the challenges I had with the installation.  Of course, I had to later admit that some (um, most?) of the later problems were due to my failing to fully install one of the DDR3 memory sticks.

We had fun, and continue to enjoy talking about the technology that real people like to use.

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