An online Word Processor

First, I wrote about the online Spreadsheet… and now the word processor… Thanks for those of you that commented the first time.

Now, my big question: What other applications would you want to see go “online?” A powerpoint-like app? (“create and show your presentations wherever you have internet!”)

Let me know what YOU would want to see? (and please, tell me what app, and whether you would store the files for it online, and if you can, what features you think it MUST have to be worthwhile)


3 thoughts on “An online Word Processor

  1. Ooh ooh ohh , I have one! (she says raising her hand and waving it about)

    I would love a zippier powerpoint-like online application. But what I would love even more would be a virtual office-like application to surpass Groove Networks’ Virtual Office, which is about to be bought by Microsoft.

    Given the fact I have clients outside of the US and don’t feel like dealing with IT geeks, the software makes sharing files and data in real-time mode a very seamless process. You can also have live chats and whiteboard areas to work on projects as if you were in a conference room.

    No need to set up VPNs or secure servers. Forget about tracking people down to meet online in order to collaborate. Everyone can work at their own pace on the same project and you save bandwidth. But, if it’s going to be bought by Microsoft, chances are, I will hate what they do with it so, I’m looking for an alternative. Here’s a site for you to check it out.

    If you come up with anything, please share.

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