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I have talked, since 1996, about the parallels between transportation networks, and information (Computer) networks. Both networks move items of value (cargo, or data) from point to point, and even use much of the same language. I have even posited that computer networks (read: Internet) is actually a sixth mode of transportation–a concept I am now beginning to see in print.

Part of any good logistics system is an efficient transportation network. An efficient network not only moves “things” (beit cargo, or people) at the lowest cost and in a timely manner, but does so to ensure the effectiveness of the delivery (arrives on-time, and in proper condition, and so forth.)

This website takes efficient and effective transportation the next step, ensuring that, literally, the “last mile” is covered. This system, though, is designed to ensure that the people get to where they are going–taking them from their cars to their offices, offices to meetings, and the like, quickly, efficiently, and, if you ask me, in HIGH style!

What for me is important to note is that they are using the language of the internet in describing this personal transportation network. It’s a “packet switched” carrier. It “connects a single campus bus stop to 30,000 desks.”

Perhaps we are seeing the convergence of IT and TT (Info tech and Trans Tech) in this new and innovative proposal!

At first I thought this was a well-thought-out joke (a “packet switched people network?”), or perhaps class project, but after visiting the website, I am thinking perhaps this is a serious proposal. Either way, it is quite cool!

The Prof

P.S. — Be sure to check out the marketing video as well!


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