Photos around the Lake (HDR and tonemapping)

I have been spending time up at the lake again, and enjoying the winter weather.  And, as usual, I have been making the rounds with my camera (the Sony Digital SLR Alpha 100.)

One of my goals is to photograph the area around Rose Valley Lake here in PA.  You can find many of my photographs from around Rose Valley on Flickr in the “Around Rose Valley” photoset.

I also have been continuing my exploration of HDR, or High Dynamic Range, imaging along with “tone mapping.”  While I have, in the past, used HDR and tone mapping to simply enhance the tonal range of an image to more closely match what the human eye can see, I have lately been exploring some of the more “intense” image manipulation options available.

Here are a few samples:
Taken actually out on the lake.

“Early in the Morning”

Starting the walk.


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