A Camera for the iPad!

I posted the donation button on my blog here last Thursday (admittedly poor timing, since I was sincere–it was NOT an April Fool’s Day prank!)  I have received a small amount of donations and for that I am quite grateful.  I mentioned the donation button, and my renewed interest in the iPad, in our podcast that we recorded that evening, (Real Tech for Real People Episode 30) and my friend and podcast partner surprised me with a gift–an iPad!  That said, I will be turning any donations I receive now into tech purchases of hardware or applications that I will be getting specifically to review on here.

First out of the gate is Camera for iPad.  We had talked in Episode 31 (recorded last night) about the lack of a camera for the iPad.  Not an “order loser” (at least not for 300,000+ new owners) but certainly something we would have liked to have seen.  It turns out there are ways around it.  The first approach is to tie your iPad to your iPhone.  Admittedly this only works if you have an iPhone, but if you do, the app “Camera for iPad” will link your iPad to your iPhone via the bluetooth connection and allow you to capture pictures using the iPhone.  This is a very interesting app (and for 99 cents total, installed on both devices, affordable) and I am looking forward to seeing what other innovative  ways people will link their iPhone and other bluetooth enabled devices to their iPad.

(Click for larger image)

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