Killer iPad app: Star Walk

I have bought my first “killer app” for the iPad. I have always loved astronomy and staring at the stars, and now an app has really made stargazing come alive. The app is Star Walk and really transforms the way I look at the skies.

Once you download the app, you can see a display showing the planets and the future stages of the moon over the next few days.  In that first screen you can learn when the Sun will rise and set, how long our day will be that day, and when each planet will rise and set.

(click for larger image)

You can go past that to a full sky mode that not only shows you the stars but can overlay constellations and the horizon but even more, as you turn, it turns, showing you what is in front of you as you turn, using e built in compass. Heck, I didn’t realize that the iPad even had a compass in it!

Check. Out the link. I will try to add screen captures later.

(Click for larger image)

blog post written completely on iPad — and not easily.  More on that later.


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