A Plagiarist behind every Right-leaning Tree?

Okay, so I had to. After so many blogs where I talk about integrity in one’s writing, how could I not address the accusation that Ann Coulter is a plagiarist. I found it interesting when I first heard about it, and intriguing when I read the posting at the Language Log (you all DO still go there, right?)

What most intrigues me though is the sense that the Left felt it somehow necessary to go after Coulter. Apparently the self induced blindness of the Bashists is not limited to the Administration. Bashists must nuw blame conservatives for such things as plagiarism. And, as is so often the case when the Bashists write before thinking, they are brought low by the facts.

There is a good analysis of the articles in question at RedState (tip of hat to Language Log). I have to agree–when the content in question turns out to be quotes, one can’t help but think the Bashists have either no sense of reason left, of they simply hope that the vast majority of people will never actually go check their claims.


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