Looking Backward

Yes, I am writing a blog entry, and no, the title is not a hint at my desire to be reflective.
For those that listened to the podcast that I posted with my brother, you may recall he mentioned a book, written by Edward Bellamy in 1887, where according to my brother Bellamy predicted the use of credit cards, and covered walkways. Well I was intrigued, and set out to find a copy of the book that I could read (digitally, of course!) As luck would have it, I have found a site that has all sorts of books that have entered the public domain. I am providing the direct link at manybooks.net for the bellamy book, but certainly go search around and see what else may interest you!

One of the things I like about the site is that it lets you choose the format(s) for the book that best suits you. Certainly I went for the pdf file, but you can also get it as:

  • PDF
  • PDF Large Format (I am getting older, perhaps I should get that format?)
  • eReader
  • Rocketbook
  • NewtonBook (Hey, if you listened to the podcast, you know my brother and I both had Newtons too!)
  • Mobipocket
  • (and others!)

If you like to read, and you always wanted to catch up on the world of books, check this site out. It is well worth the time.

Come back here, and leave a comment, telling all of us what books you chose to download. In fact, if enough of you are interested, I will open up a page simply for book reviews and discussions. What better way to learn than through books, and sharing.

–The Professor