Are you a FANATIC? Or Erratic?

I decided to do another podcast, this time on football. Those of you that have made it over here from the “Father Son Chats” know that my son and I talk about football quite a bit, and by and large, it’s Penn State Football.  I had the opportunity to go the the PSU vs Illinois game, and had great seats.  Well I thought they were great, until I found out that not everyone that goes to a game, or has season tickets, is actually a “fan.”   Some are apparently there simply for bragging rights.  To say they were there, keeping true fans from getting seats.

So if you want to hear my thoughts about these fans, go ahead and listen.  And don’t forget–there is a special place for Usher #257.

Thanks to my brother for this comic posted to his blog.  If you haven’t already visited him, go check out his blog at

Football Cartoon