The Brothers Podcast

Well, we finally did it. We sat down at my brother’s house, and recorded our first podcast. Perhaps Leo Laporte is right, and we are more likely “Blather-casting” but hey, we are talking. We talk about so many things, with the original motivation for the podcast being my creation of the word “Technigion.” Technigion is my word that captures the blending of technology and religion–otherwise known as being a “Mac User.” (you have to go 6 minutes and 35 seconds before we get there though.).
As you listen, you will realize my brother in on the left, and I am on the right. I sat a bit further back from the microphone, so I am a bit “fainter” which is a problem that perhaps could have been resolved through the use of a great program called “Levelator” which actually levels out audio between different microphones. Ahh well.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, and remember, you can always get this podcast through an iTunes subscription by going to The Podcast Link.

I would also recommend you visit some of the other site we talk about.

Let us know what you think, and how far YOU made it through the podcast before you quit.


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