Podcasting and Learning

I decided to talk about podcasting as a tool. I talk about the ways “personal on-demand ‘casting” can be used to change the way we think about learning, not just in a class, but outside the classroom, and beyond structured learning.

I talk about a few of my favorite podcasts:

Several from http://twit.tv

  • This week in Tech
  • Inside the Net

And several others:

  • The Diva Cast (http://thedivacast.com)
  • NPR’s Science Friday
  • New Scientist Podcast

I would recommend you explore the many podcasts available. Remember, you don’t have to have an iPod, or even iTunes, to listen to podcasts. You just need to have a computer or an MP3 player. go look at what is available at places like http://podcastalley.com, http://podshow.com or even in the iTunes store.


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