The first Podcast

In this, my first “Podcast” for the Professor’s Lecture Notes, I talk in general about PodCasting, and then share my thoughts on the Congressman Foley fiasco.

Let me make a couple things clear right up front. Foley did a “wrong thing.” I am in no way making an excuse for his behavior, or saying we should accept what he did. I am in my podcast simply pointing out that, when given the chance to take action against two congressman that had even more egregious behavior, a Democratically controlled Congress only slapped their wrists.

Anyway, listen to the podcast, and feel free to subscribe!


One thought on “The first Podcast

  1. subject of cast, not surprising (of course) , not lecture – so it doesnt seem like i am at school… so, two thumbs up… now if you can just do some books i am wanting to read like this, i would be all set. *smirk

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