NEEMO – NASA uses dives as Analogy for Space

As many of you know, one of my research areas of interest is “Space Logistics” and “Interplanetary Supply Chain Management.” We presented three papers a conference in April, and one of them (lead-author by Mke M) looked at Submarines as an analogy to long duration space missions.

NASA has another on-going mission—NEEMO. This mission titled “NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations” is “testing concepts for future space exploration at an underwater laboratory off the coast of Florida. “ It’s a very interesting concept. Of course, NASAWatch, the blog dedicated to holding NASA to task, is concerned that NASA is ignoring this mission that they themselves have funded.

NASAWatch does point to a link for the underwater webcams. They are interesting to watch, and the descriptions of the various camera views are even somewhat humorous.

If anyone is interested in Space Logistics, shoot me a note.


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