Episode 50: Real Tech for Real People–the First Year

It’s been a while since I linked to Real Tech for Real People, but as we wrap up our first year of doing the tech podcast I wanted to make the latest episodes available to those of you that are not necessarily regular listeners, but perhaps regulars to my blog.

Real Tech for Real People was started by Tony Pittman and me to talk about tech issues that everyone has–not just those issues that are of interest to the tech elite, or the “technorati.” Many that do podcasts lose sight of the fact that not everyone has extremely fast broadband into their homes (cable or FiOS), and those there are people that use computers but don’t want to spend time every day working and tweaking.

We try to answer the every day questions that every person has. What should you consider when buying a notebook computer? Are there differences in monitors? What are the differences between all these new phones?

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REAL TECH FOR REAL PEOPLE: For people with tech in their lives, that don’t live for the tech

We review the first year of Real Tech

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BCS NEWS: Graham Spanier to be next BCS Chair. (okay, football news…)

Google lets you make phone calls from GMAIL. Check the story at their blog.

Apple TV Rumor. More Disintermediation?

Sun Attacks Earth! (in 2012, maybe, according to scientists…) The news from India.

USAF C-5 gets “Makeover” — emerges at C-5M (from the “News from Last Year” category…)

Disney and Time Warner duke it out. Why I have issues with Cable!

ESPN 360 is great for online sports–*IF* you can get access

Commodore…. it’s BACK

APP CORNER: The Daily App Show with Adam Curry. (search for the iPhone App)

TIP of the WEEK: Google GMail LABS. Adds all sorts of cool tools, including the option to “undo send”, send and receive SMS “text” messages in chat, and a wealth of other items.

PICKS of the WEEK:
Steve: nextup.com TextAloud

Steve’s info: [blog] http://theprofessornotes.com [twitter] @scmprofessor
Tony’s info: [blog] http://getthenext.com  [twitter] @tonypittman
Chris’ info: [blog] http://targuman.org/blog  [twitter] @targuman
Josh’s info:  [twitter] @joshfink


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