Real Tech for Real People, Episode 51 — ANDROID

I am slowly working to catch up on posting some of our recent “Real Tech for Real People” podcasts.  Episode 51 was where I revealed that I had made the switch to an Android phone, having decided to purchase the Samsung Captivate.  This of course, also meant that I was staying with AT&T.  I will have a review on the website here soon with my thoughts about the phone and the OS, but my initial thoughts were in the podcast.

    ANDROID – Will the Google Android OS take over?
    NEWS:Amazon has amazing prices on Cell Phones. Especially if you are wanting to get a new contract, but great prices even on renewing. A Captivate ($249 for 2 yr contract at ATT store) will sell for $40 with a new contract, or only $99 to renew (Addendum:  that’s $99 for a renewal for an individual plan.  It is $149 for a family plan phone)! Other great deals as well. Just go to and check them out.
  • Steve was visiting his grandmother’s and found an unsecured WiFi. Not a problem–necessarily, EXCEPT the Router had NO PASSWORD.
  • Tip to listeners: at least enter a password for the router (especially DLink routers that have as their default “NO” password)
    PICKS of the Week:Steve: Build your own online newspaper based on your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Works from any OS on any browser.

    Chris: iPad Twitter App

    Tony: eCamm Skype Recorder


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