Election Day is Personal

I have decided to post this short little podcast, sharing the experiences of my family this election day. It’s not about the politics, it’s about the experience.

That said, let’s get my predictions out of the way.

Dems barely take the house with a shift of 15 seats. This will be touted as a mandate for change, but it should be remembered that in 1994 Clinton lost 54 seats in the house. This election won’t even come close to that.

I suspect that the Senate with remain in Republican hands, with a 51 to 49 split. I am encouraged by news from TN, MD and Ohio, but am afraid it may be all over for Santorum here in PA.

I hate to say it, but be sure to go check out the post election gloating over at PressingtheFlesh. I am curious though, if the Republicans pull this out, will he lose graciously, or will fleshy lead the charge that somehow the Republicans “stole” an election? (And if you listen to the podcast, keep in mind that my daughter, bless her heart, is a Republican…)

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