Dawkins, God, and the presumption of Assumptions

My brother has chosen to poke the hornet’s nest, by writing about Richard Dawkins, and his apparent attack on no lesser figure than God Himself. Prior to his posting, he and I had several conversations about this topic, and the broader view that there is a strong “anti-religion” movement amongst the scientific world as of late. His post has resulted in several comments, and conversations between him and a commenter, Tim.

I decided to weigh in with this podcast, since I had recently heard two interviews with Dr Dawkins. The first was on Science Friday on NPR. In that interview he asserts that science has all but proven that God does not exist. The other interview was on one of my other favorite podcasts, The New Scientist. His views are a bit more muted in that interview, but that whole episode was dedicated to the battle between science and religion.

I have several excerpts in this podcast from both of those shows, and share my thoughts on how assumptions shape and shade research and the conclusions that one reaches. I do recommend that you go listen to the full shows, and perhaps even subscribe to the podcasts. They are quite good!


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