Real Tech for Real People– joined by @Spreadhdgfx Episode 110

Real Tech for Real People 110 .  This was a fun episode.   My son, Matthew (known as @Spreadhdgfx on Twitter for his graphics work) joined us to share his first thoughts on his new Samsung Note. The comments might surprise you!  Check out the rest of the show notes below… and apologies to the Senate Sergeant at Arms office, but we didn’t talk about the Senate this time, or any particular Senators… not even U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, but we encourage you to all listen to our show!



“FlashBack”: Mac’s first serious malicious threat.  Botnet. Java

US Government Sues Apple, Book publishers.  Good thing? Bad thing?

Samsung names their flexible displays: Youm But what is REALLY worth knowing is–it’s AMOLED.

Global Payments problems still linger; Visa warns of phone phishing after Global Payments breach

Curated YouTube–College Replacement? (Matt’s story)


SpiderOak:  If security is a concern for you, or if you store important (read: tax) files in Dropbox, you might want to consider switching to SpiderOak. Like Dropbox, first 2 gbs are free.  Up to 100 GB for $100 for 12 months… but with the code SPRING save 25%.

BoxCryptor.  Don’t want to leave DropBox, but want to be more secure?  Then there is BoxCryptor. Works with Mac/Windows/Linux/Android/iOs.  I found this one while searching for more secure storage, and mentioned it to Steve Gibson.  He will now be covering this, along with SpiderOak, in the next Security Now. (see a review here)

Google Glasses?

First Hand Review:  Matthew and the Samsung Note. Day two.


Steve:Expensify. Scan receipts.  Create Expense reports.
Tony: Kiosk Pro:
Matthew: – inspiration


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