Liberals can’t understand conservatives, but Cons “get” liberals?

An interesting thought comes out as a result of someone on another post writing “I’m so clueless as to why this is even an issue.” He was talking about the issue of Same Sex Marriage. Now, I could assume that he is “clueless” because obviously same sex marriage is wrong, or because it is “right.” But… given recent research from a self-identified liberal academic from UVA, I would predict that David is clueless because the conservative view cannot be understood. I found this research to be quite interesting. The author/professor/researcher Jon Haidt writes in his book “The Righteous Mind” that conservatives are far more likely to understand how liberals think than the other way around. Interesting, is it not?
Something else interesting–Haidt writes on his own site that ” I hardly ever get the chance to meet or talk to conservatives.” So, for those that don’t think Academia is the hotbed of liberalism, maybe we need to re-think that view. (Or, perhaps, this is more about him and a general reluctance of liberals to associate with people they “don’t understand.”)


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