Funny, if not Ironic…

Many blogs and websites these days, including one of my favorites, Supply Chain Innovations Today, are using rss newsfeeds to provide news and information services right next to their (our?) insightful comments and commentary.

I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw these two news stories, as the top two stories on the “I, Ramble” site.

The News!

Now, the placement of the ads is not controlled by the owner of the blog or website, so this is purely coincidental–at least at how it happens to display on the blog.


5 thoughts on “Funny, if not Ironic…

  1. History books don’t lie… neither do previous weather reports. The last few years have been some of the hottest on record. And yes… the extremes in the temperature freezing winters, exhorbitantly hot summers, is exactly what increasing greenhouse gasses emissions creates: climate destabilization. Plus, researchers show that animals are moving towards the poles… they apparently aren’t in as much denial as we are.

    So, while you may scoff at the coincidental newslinks the RSS feeder happened to provide, it’s just a reflection of what’s going on and is no longer deniable.

  2. It might be ironic if global warming did not include the shifting of weather patterns due to reduced pH of sea water because of polar ice melts. Besides the cooling and slowing of ocean currents, this means that the extremity of weather events, including snow storms will be worsened, steering of storms may be lessened (causing longer durations over land), and climate patterns will be affected in every season. If you think of the rapid buildup of greenhouse gases caused by say, an asteroid striking the earth, and the changes to the eco-system that allowed the dinosaurs to come to power (as well as the one that removed them from the picture), the mechanics are similar, if slower. Those events and their aftermath caused 70% of all life on Earth to end. If you think in terms of the Earth’s climate as a steady state system, even a slower progression presents an increasing probability of drastic global climate change.
    The debate is no longer over the existence of global warming, but whether it’s natural or man-made. It’s here, and it’s everybody’s problem. Even W mentioned it in the State of the Union address this year. Get with the program, Prof!

  3. Okay, so two people have now chosen to take me to task for what they perceive to be an opinion expressed in this post.

    Let me be clear: I think it is “Funny if not Ironic.”

    What in my post gives you, dear reader, any indication of my opinion in any direction on this issue?

    I could go on at great length on the various aspects to scientific analysis, and how studies have “matured” (read changed) and how we are learning more each day. I could also wax at length on the point of whether we as humans should actually believe we can influence the environment in any significant way, or perhaps ask why we believe we have some inherent (God given) right to perpetual existence.

    Or perhaps, I should simply ask: Did you honestly believe that the ecosystem as we have known it for 50 years actually is “normal?”

    Bottom Line: I just thought the placement was “funny, if not ironic.”

  4. In the spirit of the post, sicko that I am I laughed a great deal at a similar “funny, but ironic” thing a bit ago. The news item was about a tiger attack in Kansas, and the google ads were for tiger merchandise, logos, toys

  5. I think the observation was somewhat cynical… and that’s what generated the reaction to your post. The placement was ironic… but I think if given half an inch, you’d venture to say one article was proof of how ridiculous the other was…

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