Real Tech for Real People Ep 56 – “The L.T. Episode”

    I continue to post the “Back catalog” of our Real Tech for Real People podcasts. Last night we recorded episode 60, so if you want to get the LATEST episodes, either subscribe through iTunes (or your favorite podcatching software) or visit
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    PLAY ON: Jason Leisure has convinced me to go back to it. Rocking–and even has iPad app (Steve) It works inside the house, and gives access to a wide range of video sources, including NHL, MLB, HULU, CBS and others. It supposedly supports streaming out to the iDevices through 3G and other wifis, like AirVideo but I can’t get that to work… more to come…
    Josh recommends SquareTrade for your electronic warranties, and honestly, so do I! Why? This LifeHacker article says it best–They are less expensive AND cover more things, including glass breaking (see next story). Apple Care doesn’t cover broken glass/screens.
    PICKS of the WEEK:

    Steve: Overdrive Media Console THE Software to listen to audio books from your library–for free! Check to make sure your library supports online electronic books, and you are in! (Runs on Android, iPhone/iPad, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. Also, Windows and Mac. (and they have free audiobook samplers!)

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