How to sort Kindle Clippings file?

The Kindle is a great device, allowing users to not only read with the comfortable eInk display, but also to highlight and take notes.  The drawback (as I had previously noted) is that the plain text file is saved in the order in which you enter the information.  It is truly “miscellaneous” without any clear means to sort.  I have written a macro that runs in Word that will sort the clippings by book and then sort by placement in the book.

So far, many have found it to be quite useful, but it was initially limited to Windows versions of Word because Microsoft removed VBA from the Mac versions  Microsoft has since added VBA back in, making the macro accessible for users of both Mac and Windows.

If you have a Kindle, feel free to try the macro.  If you like it, please consider making a donation–every $1 dollar helps.


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