Improved Kindle Clippings Macro for Word

Improved Kindle Clippings Macro for Word

UPDATE 3:  Many people come here daily, so I thought I would share the latest I have found about getting your notes and highlights out of the Kindle Apps in iOS and Android.  Go read about it here. 

UPDATE 2:  Microsoft has returned VBA to their Mac Office 2011 suite, so you can now run this macro in both Windows and Mac OS’s.  If you find this useful, please consider making a donation–even $1.00 let’s me know you appreciate with we are doing here.  You can find the link for donations on the right side of the page.

UPDATE:  MAC Users–apparently Microsoft removed VBA from their Word for MAC (read excruciating details here.)  Thus, the only way to use this macro is to run Windows on your Mac, with the Windows version of Office running.

First let me thank Lance Laytner for encouraging me to pull out the macros and work on them some more.

As I posted previously, I had compiled/written a Word macro routine that would go through and reformat the Kindle’s “My Clippings.txt” file into something a bit more useful.  It was rough around the edges requiring much massaging afterwards due to some quirks of formatting.  In other words, it was a 50% solution.

I have fixed “most” of the problems with the macros. (see the file after the break!)  I say most, because it now works properly for me, but that’s not to say there aren’t some other “odd” formatting features I haven’t found yet.

You can find the file here.  (It should show up as a text file in your browser.  I recommend cutting and pasting into a text document, and then saving as kindle.bas)

To install the macro, just go in Word to the VBA window (Alt-F11 usually gets you there–you might need to enable the “developer” tab first) and then import the file Kindle.bas — it should load into the Normal project, as Module Kindle.

To use the macro, just open the My Clippings.txt file (I open as a text file, and cut and paste into word) and then run the macro in Word.

Here’s what the macro does:

  • Creates a table of highlights, notes and bookmarks.
  • sorts the table by book and location in book
  • removes a (now useless) column
  • changes the font to a smaller one
  • adjusts the column sizes

Let me know what you think.  (and feel free to make a small donation to the right, if you like it!)