Get the Next!

Are you the person everyone in your family asks concerning technology?  Are you always looking for that next cool thing?  Then, @Tonypittman (Supply Chain businessman, and author of “Playing for Paterno: One Coach, Two Eras”) has started a new website dedicated to helping those of us that he terms the “family CTO.”

The website, Get The Next _____ is a nice website, highlighting things that you may, or may not, already be using.  Rarely does he seem to highlight anything outrageously expensive, but they are things that are cool, and useful!

As he writes in the “About” section:

Here we’re all about what’s coming next.  Check back regularly to see input from technology and media enthusiasts who are always focused on what’s on the horizon.  There is a lot going on in the worlds of technology and new media.  We’re here to help you stay on top of what’s next so that you are always prepared to Get The Next ____.

Go visit, follow Tony on Twitter, or email him at:


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