Review: OtterBox Commuter Series case for Captivate

I have heard about the OtterBox cases for years, starting back when I wanted to find a case I could put my iPod in and listen while swimming.  It turns out Otter made a water-proof box that was designed specifically for water activities–but alas I wouldn’t spend the money required.

Recently, my wife switched over to the Samsung Captivate phone (the same one Android based phone that I use.)  She wanted to get a case for it, so she went to our local AT&T  store to find one.  The salesperson there recommended the Otterbox Commuter Series Shield for the Samsung I897 Captivate (Black).  I liked it, so I bought one as well.

Since getting the phone, I have been sporting a nice rubbery silicone case.  It provided some measure of protection, and generally kept my phone in good condition, but never quite “felt” right.  The hardshell cases that were available all made the phone too thick, taking away one of the advantages I saw in the Captivate–the sleek and thin design.

Enter the OtterBox.

The Otterbox combines an inner rubbery silicone case with a hardshell “sleeve” that provides impact protection and absorption.  In addition, the soft shell covers the power button and volume rocker, while also having a “plug” to protect the headset port from dirt, grime and fluids.  And it does all this while adding no significant bulk to the phone.  The case also comes with a self-adhering screen protector, but as you all know, I prefer to use ZAGG screens “invisishields.”

Oh–and while I bought mine at the AT&T “authorized dealer” store,[1.  I actually like the folks there at this particular store and since they are quite helpful, and paid on commission, I don’t mind paying a higher fee.  They helped me select the Captivate, and understood when I explained I bought it for $200 less elsewhere.  They have earned my loyalty.]  you can get the Otterbox series for about half the price through Amazon.

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