Photography Tip–learn your ISO Profile

Photo: Did you get a new digital camera for the holidays, like many of our listeners at Real Tech for Real People? Is it all tricked out and lets you make all the adjustments? Spend time getting to know the “noise profile” of your digital camera. The sensors on the cameras will show “noise” when used at higher ISO ratings (you know, in film the 100, 200 and 400 ratings?) Today’s digital cameras are quite good, and the noise is relatively low even when the sensor’s sensitivity is dialed up quite high–as high as 6400 for some of the pro-sumer Nikons and Canons. But they still have “noise” or “Grain.”

Learn more about this tip, and many others, in Episode 69 of Real Tech for Real People.  You can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes–simply search for RTFRP.


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