Use your Android for a Remote for PowerPoint

Continuing on my recent vein of discussing Presentations, I wanted to share with you my latest find.  (Bottom line: I highly recommend it.)

I used to use a Targus Wireless Presentation Remote for presentations.  I love the sleek design, and the fact that the USB wireless connector would fit inside the remote.  It was easy to use, and flawless in execution.

And alas, easy for me to lose the USB dongle.

I recently attended a conference where I presented my paper on eTextbook pricing (more to come on THAT later) and I found myself in desperate need of a remote.  Nothing is worse than wanting to be able to roam the room to connect with the audience, and yet become trapped to the front of the room hitting the “ENTER” key.  My first thought was that I would need to walk a mile or two to the closest office equipment store.  But then I realized that I had a IOGEAR Bluetooth dongle already on my computer.  It was a simple matter of finding the right software to run on my android phone.

Enter PPT Remote Control.  I searched the Google Market and found a number of options.  I read the reviews, and then downloaded the “free” version of the application (limited to 15 slides.)  I liked it, so I went ahead and bought the full version.

So what did I like?

First, it did exactly what I needed it to do.  It controls my PowerPoint presentations, but there is more to it. The app downloaded the slides to the phone so I could look at my phone and see where I was in the presentation, and it also downloaded any notes.  I was able to have my crib notes right there in my remote control!

Some of the additional details (after the break):

  • Bluetooth support.  Obviously what I was looking for
  • WiFi support. If you happen to be on the same network that is a great option! [1. Sadly this is a feature that will not work at Penn State.  Phones and classroom computers are not on the same wifi network, and even if they were, Android phones cannot access the wifi yet. Grr.]
  • Requires an app to be running on your computer, but that is the extent of the set up. Effortless.
  • Use it in “pointer” mode.  Puts a “red dot” on your screen you can move using the remote as a “mouse.”  Who needs a laser?
  • Many other features–go check out their site.

Download the app using the QR code below, or visit the main website at:


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