Jesus in the Floor Vs Mary in the Grilled Cheese

Okay, so many people have commented that this Jesus in the Floor was like Mary in the grilled Cheese. I wondered about that, so I went and found the Mary in the grilled cheese stories, and pictures, including in Wikipedia (anyone want to add my Jesus Floorboard to Wikipedia?). I have pulled the picture from the BBC Story. I am putting the two of them here for you all to decide: which one looks more like the purported subject? (and don’t forget, if you doubt what Jesus looks like, read my answer in the “questions answered” post!)

mary toastJesus 2nd Pic smaller

Now, if any of you know of a WordPress plugin that I can use to facilitate the voting, let me know! I will install it right away, but for now… vote in your comments.

Be sure to DIGG the story, as well! Just click on the blog headline, then you should see this blog with a DIGG THIS link. Click on DIGG IT! and then your DIGG vote will be counted. If you don’t have a DIGG account, it is quick and easy to create!

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